Commercial / Industrial

Steel Constructions

The strength of steel and its benefits in all levels of construction is well-understood. Able to withstand great load capacity, its construction convenience to span broadly enough for buildings such as hangars, or accommodate wide–load vehicles without the need for intrusive columns is also easily achievable.

Structures to within mere millimeters of accuracy, negate timely corrections needed in less  precise materials. Architecturally, steel has the versatility to accommodate any design.

Business Scope

The range of our service could be stated as City and Country –  intrastate,, interstate or international, we perform with great ease in all these markets. Our brand carries its philosophy of safety, professional conduct, positive business relationships, old-fashioned and customer-focused service with a modern technology and design capacity, regardless of where we are or who our customer is.

We are not only limited to large projects. Our staff at the Shacks & Sheds department of our business, take the same level of pride and professional approach.

Stablemaster Australia Pty Ltd has a ‘business partnership’ consciousness. We believe it is important to cultivate and maintain positive, reciprocally beneficial relationships. As we have learned, it is these enduring relationships that not only give us ongoing recommendations to others, but a sense of satisfaction as well. We advocate this to all our business partnerships and the amount of repeat business we enjoy, is testament to this.

Occupational Health & Safety Standards

Stablemaster Australia Pty Ltd employs a team of professional sub-contractors, who have undergone the stringent training requirements of Occupational Health & Safety and carried out successfully, the construction of buildings on large and active sites, with the correct equipment and knowledge necessary to undertake this work safely, professionally and to the Australian Standards.

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